Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

Peg 2 pictures

The photoshoots:

This is the evidence behind the Chuck/Ladon OTP

See how happy they look! *g*

We got some pictures with them both and RYAN RUBBED MY BACK! :)

I can't really remember what he was doing here! LOL!

Dan at one of his panels. The shirt was very cool: Slacker Unite. Maybe tommorow.

Does this really need explaining? ;)

Erin and Carson - kinda cute together.


I have about 50 of him on stage and THIS is the clearest! See what I mean about the awful camera!

Blurry Aaron

The beautiful and talented Kate Hewlett :)


Now both Hewlett’s:

Nykl and Chuck!

Aaron, Dan and Ryan trying to keep us entertained!

Ryan and Kate on Saturday evening.

David and Chuck with some superheroes!

I just love this pic so much! I have no idea why, he looks completely evil!!! :)

And a nicer one :)

spubba’s jumpy!Radek/Jumpy!Rodney bag with autographs!

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