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Peg 2 - expect mindless squee

Thursday was A Dog's Breakfast - which was hysterical and totally lived up to expectations (which was a relief for many people!). Paul McGillion was BRILLIANT! David is of course awesome, Kate is also awesome and incredibly pretty and gets the best wardrobe - in fact David said her outfits were their set :) Oh and you can't go far wrong with naked David! :) The Q+A at the end was great and had us all laughing as much as the movie itself. I won't babble for too long 'cause I don't want to spoil anyone but do try and watch it. Oh and The Hewletts agreed to sign autographs for the people not staying for the con even though they were running late *loves*.

Friday morning, we (tikiberry and I) met up with bingbulette, mamoru22 and trobadora. We hung around a Starbucks for a while squeeing and talking, leading to the realisation that Chuck would be in charge of Atlantis (in an ep like Submersion) *g*. Some of us decided to go to the 2pm fan meeting so we set of about 12.30. That was sensible. It was about 3.45 when we got to the hotel - so only fashionably late (rather like this report!).

We registered for the con (wheee! no queueing) and then promptly formed a queue for something, we thought it may have been photoshoots, but no-one seemed to know for sure. We queued like that for about an hour and a half until we were suddenly told the queue was in the opposite direction! But thanks to some lucky standing around on other people's part - we weren't too far behind. And we were plenty entertained by the stewart who repeatedly informed us the 'David on David' photos were only going to be sold on Saturday which of course led to much 'David on David' squeeing! Isn't it nice when the con organisers are slashers? *g* The David Hewlett ones sold out just as we got to the front :( I bought a David Nykl and one of both Hewletts together.

After that we missed the 6.30 fan meet too! As you can see we were very organised. So we had dinner at the hotel restaurant and the group expanded to include lots of people, all of whom are totally awesome and I had a great time with throughout the weekend. Yes I'm too lazy to list, you know who you are. azicrow finally joined us about an hour later (we had to keep stalling the waiters!) but the poor girl had been working from some insanely early time in the morning. From there we headed to the bar (since only mamuro22 had a meet and greet ticket) and fangirled like mad over miso_no_tsuki's drawings. If you haven't seen them, go here right now.

Then we went down for the party. The meet and greet wasn't over yet but a few people spotted Chuck Campbell around so there was already much squeeing. They came out and we drifted around for a while being incredibly shy (which is what I thought the whole weekend would be like) but somehow we ended up talking to Chuck!!! He is just so sweet and completely adorable!! morganmuffle had - i have no idea what they're called - but one of those ball thigs made from fluorescent string (such a crappy description) but she offered it to him and he got someone to tie it to his trousers than went around telling everyone to "touch his balls"!!! Somebody asked him about the "raised by werewolves" rumours and he laughed (sooo cute) and confirmed it, giving lots of details, which I have completely forgotten :(

Anyway whilst we were talking, Ryan Robbins, who is also very sweet, turned up, squeezed his ass and said something about Chuck being the best guy in the world!!! And so began the Chuck/Ladon OTP 4EVA!!!.

Ryan was so nervous about being a con virgin and that people didn't like Ladon. He spent so long trying to explain that he was a good guy doing what's best for his people and if other people got in the way of that, that was just tough.

Then we tried to talk to Kate, she was constantly surrounded by people, but we chatted to her for a while and she is every bit as lovely and 'normal' as she seems from her blog. She's an animal lover and awww'ed over pictures of someone's dog and she talked about her cat who recently passed away. Aaron Douglas (who plays the chief in BSG) was also there and he was so sweet around Kate, complimenting her and flirting shamelessly. Poor Kate just looked embarrased, she said she was a huge fan of his! By this time it was past midnight so the guest all left and we followed pretty soon.

Saturday I had breakfast with mcalex22 who is every bit as lovely as I thought she would be and then there was queueing and scrabbling to get good seats for the panels.

The Panels
I'll try and remember what I can about the panels but I'm sure this has been done much better - I should try and find those actually, I want to remember everything that happened! It'll be both days mixed together.

Dan Payne
He plays the supersoldier in SGA and some of the Wraith. He dies in every episode. He makes a living out of dying. Apparently he's been around the con circuit and he was incredibly entertaining. He was full of stories, complete with silly voices. He talked about going surfing someplace in Australia, where they're not fond of "newbies" but his attitude was "whatever I'm big". Whilst surfing the helicoptor sirens (signalling something in the water that may be a shark) went off and he paddled out quickly, freaked out, turned out it was a dolphin! He was mocked for the rest of the day - "dude watch out, there's a salmon there." Wow, that story was so much more fun told by Dan. I think I'm going to stop trying that now.

He's been in the muppets movies and someone asked him to compare working with the muppets to the SGA actors! He was pretty tactful. :) He talked quite highly about Chris Judge too.

On Sunday, he was scheduled for a whole hour, but because of the extra guests, he got to share with Aaron half way through. Before that someone asked him his "inside leg measurements"!!! He made a joke about his inside measurements first - stomach -cm, intestines -cm. But the question was still there so he looked around and called "help". DN came out and handed him a banana! (Dan being Ape-like was a running joke through the weekend.)

Chuck also randomly walked on stage and started throwing small packets in to the audience (I still don't know what that was??). Dan joked about "Chuck chucked" and said it was probably sugar because he's so sweet!!! (Awwwww!)

Then Aaron joined him, probably not quite recovered from the night before. He sat on stage and laughed, with the occasional prompting and just letting Dan talk. He got Dan to tell us the "bear story" - no I won't attempt it. But the gist was that Dan was being chased by a bear, climbed up a tree and fell asleep. Aaron teased him about that no end. Bells were involved somehow. *g*

Dan took his shirt off in the meet and greet and so for the whole weekend people were asking him to do it again. He finally agreed!

Ryan Robbins (Ladon)
He was carried out on the stage by Dan!!! He started his talk by handing out "Sanctuary" T-shirts for answering questions, but he got bored of that after 2 questions! And threw them out randomly. Sanctuary is a new sci-fi show starting soon with him, Dan Payne, Paul McGillion (!!!) and Amanda Tapping! Should be good!

About Ladon, whilst they were shooting, Martin came up to him and told him: "That was good, now let's do it again and this time: suck less."

He also did a very cool Robin Williams from Mork and Mindy impression. And told us about his time working in the circus. He used a monkey to impress women, except it never worked! He talked about BSG for a while. And (i think) it was a different role, where they wanted him to play some military guy so asked him to cut off his hair. He didn't want to. But they offered him more money so he agreed. Then they decided they didn't want him playing that character anyway and he could have kept the hair! He also got into trouble with the SGA people the next time they needed Ladon!

He started his sunday talk by apologising for pacing too much (he's impossible to take pictures off!) and he posed for us, which was nice :) But of course he started pacing again before long. "You're pacing again, it's making the cameramen seasick" came on the screen behind him and he actually BLUSHED! Then a couple of the stewarts came in to tape his feet to the floor! It was still not that successful though.

He talked about a low budget independant film he did "When Jesse was born" (need to look that up) in which he actually got a broken nose in a fight scene, and they made him finish the scene!

He was really sweet at the end of his time and thanked us all for being so nice, and apologised for pacing! Ryan Robbins should be at every con. (As opposed to Chuck, who should just be everywhere, all the time).

Stargate Novelists - Sally Malcolm and James Swallow
That was also an interesting Q+A. They talked about the different ways in which they approached writing plots. Sally also talked about fanfic and putting Jack and Daniel on a moon and seeing what happens! That got a laugh :) They did book signings afterwards. I have the 'matter of honor' books but unfortunately I didn't take them with me.

Erin Chambers (Sora)
OMG! She's like a total valley girl! And very blonde to boot. But she was sooo much fun and really lovely despite that. I'm trying to think of examples, but mainly it was just the impression she gave out. She replied to every question with "that's a great question, thanks." Which was sweet at first, but just became amusing. Her husband, Carson, was with her. He didn't talk much, but he seemed nice.

She talked about her fight scene with Teyla a lot. Someone asked who was more fun to hit, Teyla or Carson and she thought they meant her husband! :D She's guest starred on Veronica Mars and said Kirsten Bell was lovely and down to earth (YAY!). Her and Carson went to see Avenue Q on Sat night and they loved it! (Wheeee! I'm going next weekend).

Oh she's also written complete crackfic for Sora's background and where she is now! It was great! She's apparently a wild child, gone crazy and singing to herself, in either an Atlantean or Genii prison. And Weir/random Genii comes down to check on her after all these years and she's incapable of speech! IT WOULD BE BRILLIANT! *g*

On Sunday she started off with singing Billie Holiday's God Bless the Child and damn was she good!! Obviously all the questions after that were about musicals. She said she'd love to put Patrick Stewart and Kate Winslet into a musical.

Ivy Isenberg
She was the casting director on a few series of SG1 and all of the SGA ones. She was strangely charismatic. Plus she won us all over by saying they didn't have to take long deciding over David Hewlett - "Once you've found perfection, why mess around?"

Apparently she also helped out Rachel Luttrell with socks in her bra! Oh and Jason Mamoa was being auditioned against "three short white guys" and his appartment caught on fire the morning of his audition with the network! He must have still managed to impress them though! YAY! :) She's also friend's with Paul McGillion and he's slept on her couch!

Oh and originally they were thinking of having Dean Caine for Sheppard’s role and Terri Hatcher for Weir, she made a comment about ‘Lois and Clark in space’ as opposed to ‘Fargate’. :)

She also sang for us. And it was delightful in it's own way. I normally never comment on anyone else singing badily, because I am totally tone deaf and couldn't sing well to save my life. But she seriously can't sing. Yet she did it in front of everyone! And it was such a fun song - "The 12 days of casting SG1". *g*

David Nykl
David walked on the stage to the loudest and longest applause as of yet, ok DH hadn’t been on yet but I was still quietly pleased with that. By quietly pleased, I mean bouncing and grinning like mad. :)

He went straight to the questions. There was the obvious: “who’s smarter: you, McKay -” at which point he interrupted and said “you already know!” with such a cheeky smile (*squees happily*). The girl finished the question by including Jeannie too and he was much more diplomatic and said they were all smart in their own way! Someone followed that up by asking him a difficult “prime-not prime” and he got it right! (Attempts to convince me that it was a guess with a 50% chance of being right have so far been wholly unsuccessful.)

Another fan asked him: “what would you like Radek to do?” His unhesitant reply was “Elizabeth Weir”. Which was, of course, met by riotous applause (yes I joined in, it was the spirit of the moment *g*). But he then added Teyla as an option and tried to balance out the applause with his hands. I’m not sure what happened next, either someone in the audience suggested John Sheppard (I didn’t hear that) or he came up with it himself, but the applause for that was even louder and made him laugh. (And OMG he has a gorgeous, infectious laugh!!!) Then someone shouted Rodney. His reaction was priceless! He had a look of utter disgust and shook his head. “What? No! Never in a million years!” (I have no idea why I find that so amusing! Maybe it’s along the lines of ‘protesting too much’?) He did spend a lot of his time talking about David Hewlett, unprovoked: “He’s everywhere!” “Hewlett again” etc etc.

I can’t remember what the context was but he mentioned the exploding tumour and got a collective groan from the audience. That led to another utterly adorable expression of shrugging his shoulders and holding out his hands at the same time. “Hey, I didn’t write it!” (Awww bless!)

Also he fences! And he would like to see Radek do so! (OMG! YES! PLEASE!!!) But he doesn’t like to suggest too much to the writers because he doesn’t want them to feel obligated to move the character in a different direction. (So sweet!) But he confirmed that Radek would be in 15 episodes of series 4, they start shooting in a couple of weeks (which is probably now actually!).

Another question he got was whether he’s read fanfiction which resulted in another collective groan. He laughed it off though saying “apparently you shouldn’t talk about that!” His answer was he does go unto forums and arts “as many of you know” (!!!) but he doesn’t read fanfic because he doesn’t want it to affect his portrayal of Radek – fencing was used again as an example. (And now I want to read a fic with Radek fencing!)

He told a great story about pranks they play on each other. There was a scene where Paul McGillion had to run up a hill with a backpack and JF put a big rock in it. He had to do the shot seven times getting progressively more breathless each time! *g*

On being asked about what it was like to play the “evil” character in Jake 2.0, he just did an evil laugh!!!

Chuck Campbell
Chuck also started by telling us it was his first con and that he lost his “con virginity” last night. He started thanking everyone for making him feel so welcome – which is when a lot of people had to leave for the David Nykl photoshoot. I did feel bad, also I really wanted to listen, but DAVID NYKL! So yeah, I missed the rest of that talk.

Speaking of the photoshoot: DAVID NYKL THINKS MY NAME IS PRETTY! That was pretty much the highlight of the photos. Again attempts to convince me that he was just being polite, or said something similar to everyone just won’t work. ;)

He started walking through the queue talking to people when he was supposed to be taking pictures, and only came back because he got into trouble by the photographer! LOL. (DID I MENTION HOW SWEET HE IS?) And then he started singing “why do fools fall in love” and other equally cheesy stuff! :D

A few of the fans had Rodney bears and he wanted a Zelenka one! Just in case anyone’s planning on going to his next con ;)

Aaron Douglas
I don’t even know where to start with him. Like KH said, he’s a “con slut” and like Dan Payne he was incredibly good at entertaining us and saying exactly what the audience wanted to hear! Throughout the weekend he did a lot of introducing the guests and made the notices a lot more fun. He also made lots of fun out of Dan Payne, but it was pretty obvious that they (and Ryan Robbins) were good friends. He also talked about Chris Judge a lot, mentioning that they were friends too.

He told us about a time he ran into Robin Williams, who stopped him to tell him he loved the show (OMG! Robin Williams is a GEEK! YAY!) and they were talking for quite a while. Passerbys kept stopping and whispering “that’s Robin Williams!” and people were trying to figure out who the ‘short, weird looking guy’ he was talking to was. Someone suggested he was one of the Beatles!

At the end of his talk he introduced Kate as “beautiful and talented” :)

Kate Hewlett
Kate came out and in total fangirl mode exclaimed “OMG! That guy’s on BSG!” She started to say it was her favourite TV show, but changed her mind to Atlantis! :)

She talked about how she got the role as Jeannie. She was starring in a play and David sent Martin to watch it. But she was having an off-night and stuttering and waving her arms around too much. Martin saw it and said “OMG it’s David!” LOL! She’s hoping Jeannie will be back for one episode, that Martin “sort of” suggested it, but nothing’s been discussed yet.

We found out a bit more about the Hewlett family from her. Other than her and David, they have two sisters. She’s the youngest (David is 9 years older than her). Dad is a doctor. Mum (I think she said she taught languages) and currently, at 62 years old, is in Italy living with a man of 32. She was planning on going to visit her after the con.

And like a good little sister, she publicly embarrassed David by telling us that when he was 14, he had long hair and liked to wear make-up! They had a family photograph taken. One of her friends saw it and said “I didn’t realise you had three sisters!” At their joint talk, David defended himself by saying: “I was just that pretty”! Someone (I don’t think it was Kate) asked “what happened”!!!

Somebody asked her a question in Italian, I don’t remember the translation now, but she didn’t understand it and then felt really awful. Apparently she used to tutor a couple of kids in Italian.

She was also asked if she’d seen the McKay/Beckett kiss and said “it made her sick for a week!” But that was also the answer to seeing naked David during shooting ADB.

David Hewlett
Remember how I said DN talked about DH a lot. Well DH came on stage complaining about Zelenka! (Of course he did have provocation – Radek’s password was “lem0nsrule”!) And then he asked “what shall we talk about?” And someone suggested Zelenka! He started telling us about DN’s first day and how he was really glad to have someone to share the technical stuff with. They practiced lines for 2 hours beforehand on the first day and by the end of it they were just bouncing them off each other so when it came to say them with Torri, she was completely taken back!

Whilst he was telling the story, he was interrupted by a cyberman! (“Isn’t that always the case, you’re in the middle of a good story and the cybermen invade!” – I LOVE THIS MAN!) I don’t really remember what the cyberman did/said, I was far too busy laughing!

After the cyberman, he told us he’d been sick because of some “dodgy oyster”. There was something signing everything that the guest’s said and he asked her how she did “dodgy oyster”. She replied with “bad food”, he decided that wasn’t creative enough and then ‘signed’ being sick for himself!

Jane’s father was also there and he introduced him as “Mr. Don Loughman-in-law”. The first time they’d met, he called him Mr. Loughman, but Mr. Loughman had said call me Don, so he’d agreed and used Mr. Don Loughman. But now he and Jane were going to be married, he had to change it to Mr. Don Loughman-in-law. (Ummm this is another one of those stories that loses a lot in the retelling – it was very funny and sweet.) And he’d asked his permission before proposing to Jane. He wanted to do it on holiday but their schedules kept clashing so it was 6 months before he’d actually gotten around to doing so. Jane (who didn’t know) said, she’d convinced herself she didn’t want to get married and that she and David would always tease each other about never tying the knot, so it was a complete shock. (Awwww)

Someone is writing a thesis on the humour is ADB and asked about his comedy influences, whether they were British or Canadian or if there was ‘cultural hybridity’? He laughed and said he definitely remembered ‘hybridity’ being an important part of it! More seriously he answered that he was a big fan of John Cleese and the physical humour but also Ben Hill and the two Ronnies.

That got us onto Canadian films and he was asked about the ending to The Cube. He said he’d probably have done it differently. For one thing, his character wouldn’t he so violently stabbed. Then he realised he’d spoilt the ending for anyone who hadn’t seen it! He also seemed surprised at the number of people who’d seen Nothing (he obviously doesn’t realise how crazy his fans are), his only comment was that was a “strange, strange film”.

When he was younger he thought it would be cool to be ambidextrous, so he went through a stage where he would do everything with his left hand, like brush his teeth. He stopped in the middle of that story to laugh at himself. “Wow, this is so interesting. You’ve come all this way to listen to me talk about brushing my teeth!”

Also he can play the piano! But he says he only ever learned to play with one hand at a time and can’t use both hands together. He gave it up because his teacher smelled!

The Hewlett's
This was the first talk on Sunday. The introduction to them was a really sad music vid, I can’t remember what song was used now but it was very ‘awww-inducing’. Then they walked out, with David saying: “we were going to sing ‘I’m a little country, I’m a little western’ but we’re not going to now!”

There was a huge rubber duck on the table in between the chairs and David was very amused, stroking it. Kate commented that the one used in the movie (ADB) was A LOT smaller! :) David quickly changed the topic by informing us all that Kate was out until 5am! She was quick to defend herself by saying “there were a group of us”, which got a gasp of horror from David and a massive laugh from us! There were plenty of jokes about that for the rest of the hour. But she did get her revenge when someone asked David if they’d turned the heating up in the studio in series 2/3 because we never got to see his nipples anymore (it was phrased much more delicately than that). Kate giggled: “I can’t believe you and asked about your nipples!” and said that it only happened when he was around Paul!

David told us his favourite Doctor was Tom Baker, and Kate filled in that he used to have the scarf and hat and liked to dress up as him! Oh David also likes unlikeable characters (i.e. McKay from 48 hours) and used House as an example! (If I hadn’t already used my question, I would have asked him how he felt about Kavanagh! LOL :D)

David was asked about working out and he talked about Chris Judge, who can eat what he likes and do no exercise at all when they’re on break and then work out for a week and be back to Teal’c. He asked him how but stopped paying attention at the needing to be at the gym at 4am!

They talked about McKay and Mrs. Miller too. Martin reminded them that they were supposed to be siblings! And Kate was being mean to David in make-up when the woman asked her if she knew him or something! Both of them said that the little girl who played Madison was the most professional actor on the set. Kate said David was supposed to be in “McKay mode” but the first time she hugged him he cracked and awww’d. David added that she was about ‘this high’, indicating to his groin and she kept running into him full speed!!

azicrow asked what was the most torturous thing they had to do. Kate, who is a vegetarian, told us about having to do a scene with a dead fish for ADB. Except they’d bought a live fish by accident so they killed it just before the shot, right in front of her. That was the week her cat had died so she was already really upset. And the worst part was they had to do it again later! She did cheer up when telling us some of the gunk from the dead fish’s mouth fell into David’s!

David said his most torturous scene was when he was hanging upside down and Rainbow kept forgetting his lines. They attempted it a few times before he lost his patience and shouted to just let him run through what he had to say and leave pauses for Rainbow to fill in later. It was Jason Mamoa’s first day too and apparently he was then really worried about getting his lines right. David thinks he’s still a bit scared of him! ;)

Nykl and Chuck
Chuck was a late addition to this panel so the introduction was all Radek and then David Nykl’s name flashed on screen and Chuck walked out! David came later and pretended to pull him back off-stage. They both came back and Chuck apologised for taking David’s time (OMG! HOW SWEET!). David shook his head in a ‘don’t be silly way’ and introduced him as “Chuck Campbell, my very good friend.” (OMG! ALSO SO SWEET!) And Chuck said Zelenka was his hero! (Wheee! CHUCK/ZELENKA OTP FOREVER! No, of course I’m not fickle!)

David referred to the pair of them as “the gate guys”, which I think could be a cool new nickname. Their whole talk together was so funny, if a bit short (only about 20 mins). They started off by making fun of Dan (again I don’t remember what that was about) and said it was good that he was having lunch so he couldn’t hear when he walked about and punched them both and then just walked off again! It was done really well (I want to know if they practiced!) Chuck picked himself up slowly and said it was a good thing it wasn’t real or they’d have both gone through the wall!

David talked about the emasculator (that he blogged about) and Chuck told a story from Allies, where DH pushes his rolling chair out of the way to get to a console, but he pushed him straight into that!

They were talking about something else when the large rubber duck appeared behind the screen. There was laughter from the audience so they turned around to see. David’s response was “this isn’t the first time I’ve been upstaged by a rubber duck!”

Chuck’s favourite movie would be Raider’s of the Lost Ark whilst Zelenka listens to Arctic Monkeys. And David confirmed, yet again, that Zelenka’s personal item was the still. Chuck said it would have to be his baseball glove, and David helpfully pointed out that was because it gets real lonely in space!!!

They were asked what piece of technology they would be. David looked as if he wanted to say ‘what a random question’ and deadpanned ‘a blender’. Chuck went for a vibrator!! For the next question, David mimicked “what kind of a fruit would you be?” and Chuck answered with a vibrator again!

Oh and apparently Chuck is on set all the time, standing in for JF when he’s not there. But he’s too pale so the lighting director made him go get a fake tan. Following a complicated Ross-in-Friends type story, poor Chuck ended up orange with his “dink” half-orange/half white and then they couldn’t use him anyway!

So that’s everything I can recall from that. But before each of the guests came on stage, there was a music vid for that character and then a “log in” screen for the U.S.S Alivealus. There were some fun passwords! I’ve already said about Zelenka and lem0nsrule.
Sheppard – IamKirk
Weir – Il0velucius
Teyla – Ihearv0ices
Beckett – Imissmymum
Caldwell – trustn00ne (Eeeeeeeee!)
Novak – herm0idisscary
Grodin – notdeadyet (Awwwwww!)

There were quite a few more…..

Ok so back on track, Saturday evening was "dial or no dial", the fancy dress and Aaron, Dan and Ryan entertaining us for 45 minutes in between!

Dial or No Dial
Spoof of “Deal or No Deal” – a British game show where the contestant has to pick boxes numbered 1-12 and try to win some money. Aaron hosted it and was great, again! He made a lot of fun of Dan Payne, again! “If Dan had to pick a number, he’d go with J” and things like that. There were two rounds. I was in the second round, I got to do the easy thing and just open a box. The player for the second round let her friend pick a number and then she asked Ryan and Dan to do it. Ryan chose the £500 box – the best one and Dan managed 1p - the worst! Poor Dan! They were even meaner to him after that! But he felt so bad about it that he offered to give the woman one of his calendars and a signed copy of each of the pictures he has with him! (Aren’t they all so lovely!?!)

After that we had to wait for the fancy dress to be ready so Aaron, Ryan and Dan improvised on stage for 45 minutes!!! They were great too! Aaron started off by telling us about his 9 year old son who thought the ships could really fly. Then there were the “crotch” stories. Ryan had to grope some woman for BSG (sorry, still haven’t gotten around to watching it) but he was really nervous so he put some socks in his crotch! Dan didn’t realise that his balls were hanging out from one of the SG1 costumes he was wearing. Aaron had forgotten that he wasn’t wearing underwear so when someone kneeled before him and ask him if he could put a wire into his suit, he opened it superman style….!!! *g* They moved on to the movie Walking Tall with the Rock in it – again another friend of theirs! But to demonstrate a point, Dan carried Ryan on his shoulders! They were all a lot of fun.

Then it was time for the fancy dress. All the guests (except Erin, who was watching Avenue Q) were judges and Jane and Mr. Loughman were too. Aaron was hosting again! There were some great outfits. There were a couple of Wraith, Hathor and a supersoldier (a costume that apparently took two years to make!). Chuck commented on all of them with “I just peed!” *g* At Adria, DH couldn’t decide whether he should be scared or turned on! We had a Sheppard who got plenty of laughs, especially when DH noticed hair gel in ‘his’ pocket. miso_no_tsuki was in an Atlantis scientist outfit and did a very fun monologue that made both David’s laugh! And someone had dressed up as a ZPM! DH literally jumped off stage to go inspect it, with DN close after him. They both went into character and declared that the city’s problems were solved. Then Rodney put his arm around Radek’s shoulders in a very manly (!!!) IN CHARACTER hug!!! Why can’t we see more of that on the show?! :D

After that, there was another party. And David Nykl came this time! He was very diplomatic and circulated through everyone there (SO MUCH LOVE) and he had a very smug grin when I told him that DH had gotten his prime-not prime question wrong. He’s decided that’s solved the who’s smarter question! ;)

Ryan talked about Sanctuary some more, I’m really looking forward to it now. Oh and then I stepped on his foot in my heels. (Ok, never wearing heels again). Kate was talking about the SGA actors and said David Nykl was the nicest! She thought it may have something to do with him being a father. (umm maybe she forgot about JF?? LOL!)

Before leaving Nykl and Chuck led the dance floor to Y.M.C.A! Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! ;)

Sunday, after the panels, was the charity auction, which was sooo much fun and really made me wish I had some money! Again Aaron hosted most of it (they were really getting their money’s worth out of him *g*). In order to try to sell the items he started giving away Dan hugs with them, laughingly declaring Dan to be his whore! There was also a frame with pictures of all of them (I think without Aaron or Chuck), they really worked on selling that. Chuck offered to draw himself on the back. Then he rubbed it on his ass and then the front. DN kissed it and DH pointed out you could make Nykl clones! Dan carried Chuck on his shoulders whilst Chuck carried the picture. (DH: “Chuck, it’s not worth anything if you drop it!). And then Dan and Chuck made out behind it! (DH: “Boy that photo has seen things…”) In the end it sold for £375! The money went to MSF and Bliss.

The last thing we did was autographs. Of course by now we already knew everyone was lovely but it was nice to have it confirmed :). Chuck sang for me! He was really lovely and spent quite a while talking to everyone, his queue was the longest ‘cause he was moving so slowly – I don’t think anyone was complaining though ;) And Dan said something about his calendar which I kinda missed because I was being charmed by the “let’s gate away” he’d written with a love heart!

I had spubba’s jumpy!Radek/Jumpy!Rodney bag which I asked the David’s to sign. David Nykl recognised it immediatedly and said something along the lines of “boy, she makes a lot of money out of me. I’m going to have to talk to her about getting a cut!” He signed it with “Yippee!” which still makes me laugh! miso_no_tsuki gave me a Zelenka print so obviously I had to buy another autograph so I could get him to sign that too. And again he recognised the art! (Such a fanboy!)

David Hewlett recognised it but couldn’t remember the name. Jane did though and she poured over it with such a lovely smile! DH saw what DN had written and spent ages trying to think of something to say, but in the end he decided they couldn’t talk because they didn’t have mouths. :)

After that we unfortunately had to say goodbye to all our lovely new friends and go back home. Seriously want to go to Peg 3 now!!! :)

I put up a few, really bad, pictures up here if anyone is interested.
Tags: chuck, chuck/ladon, david hewlett, david nykl, peg2, ryan robbins
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