Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

Pink and Fluffy Meme

Okay well i still don't get the 'rule the school' bit, and honey i hate to break to this to you, but you seriously didn't! But don't worry neither did any of us. Which is what's so cool about you, you're twisted enough to fit in perfectly - we were bound to end up friends. Now most of what i do remember about 'school' is our french lessons (well not the actual french) but all the Trek babble. I think you may have been one of the first people I was comfortable randomly babbling to. (of course now i've become an expert and can do it for complete strangers) but you helped get me to that point.

And you like snappers chocolate cake - that was a lot of fun for a long time. You know we should go back sometime and do the nostalgia thing. Also you're very pliable and i can keep convincing you to donate your arms to me and sometimes you even come up with useful improvements.

Also when one of these really stupid things happen that i hate to talk about (mainly because i'm in deep denial about them having happened in the first place) i don't mind talking to you and by laughing at it and putting it in it's rightful place of stupidity you generally manage to make me feel better. (wow reading back that paragraph - could it have been any more vague or confusing? well probably, but i won't attempt it. It has to be vague cos i'm not talking about it.)

Is that enough, because i've run out of 'pink and fluffyness' now i can only think of really annoying things like the fact you prefere some weird canadian side kick to our beloved Julian. And you think Jack is better than Daniel! Or you don't switch on your messengers so you can read fan fic rather than talk. Or you didn't go watch Fight the Future with me so i had to go ALL BY MYSELF! Or you're very mean and don't tell me important things which i'm seriously hurt over Or.... anyway i could go on with the annoying for ever but there must be some kind of a limit to these things.

But despite all that we still hang around after all this time (what is it 8/9 years now?) which i don't quite understand but on some very deep down subconscious level that must be because i don't completely hate you. (there you go is that nice enough for you? - better be cos it's just taken every nice strand outta me!)
Tags: meme
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