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I wish I had a TARDIS

I could totally rock as a med student if I could go back in time! Still Martha was very cool. She figured out the non-air tight windows thing! I liked her family too. Incredibly soap opera-y but for some reason they still seemed far more real than Rose and Jackie.

One question: WHERE THE HELL WAS JACK??? I thought we were supposed to get Jack back in this episode. Isn't that what JB has been saying all over the place? The first ep and then the last two? Although now I think about it, that doesn't make too much sense and maybe it was only the last two but HE SAID! AND I WAS WAITING AND NOW I'M ALL DISAPPOINTED. So disappointed in fact that I watched Any Dream Will Do! I would happily not watch it ever again. Except next week Barrowman is in a short sleeved T-shirt, wearing glasses!

For those of you who are interested: I'm not actually here. I'm buried in a book somewhere. I DEFINITELY didn't waste an hour watching an awful reality TV show.
Tags: any dream will do, dr who, john barrowman
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