Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

Pink and Fluffy Meme

We always had a love/hate relationship, didn't we? (actually it was more of a hate/hate relationship :D) But S always thought that was because we were so alike and you know the whole "Opposites attract, likes repel" thing. But now that i'm more mature and sensible (!!!) I can see that being like me is just an absolute wonderful trait so i've decided to like you more.

You introduced me to the trek world, and by extension sci-fi in general, for which i guess i owe you lots. You're good to talk to about the serious stuff and you always listen (or at least read, if msn) no matter how much of a babble mode i'm in.

Also you have Angel and DS9 dvds - very cool! :D Also the car - useful. And your weirdness is lots of fun in species, starship anomoly. :D

Finally you're odd in a good way.
Tags: meme
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