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30 June 2007 @ 08:10 pm
Because I never could resist a quote meme....  
When you see this post, quote from Doctor Who (classic or new series) on your LJ.
"There's no point being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes."
Fourth Doctor

I think the series reached it's high point with "Blink" and "Utopia". This one was still good, but I didn't really feel the squeee (well except for the 'dirty John Barrowman' part *g*).

I get why they had to reverse time but I'm a little lost on how it happened. Was it simply destroying the paradox machine that did it or did I miss something vital in my "OMG dirty!John with a big gun" moment?

Is Martha really not coming back for the next series? Why oh why!?! She was sooo cool! Of course he has the phone and they left that wide open so maybe she will??? Does anyone know whether Freema's signed on?

The Master dying in the Doctor's arms - *sits back and waits for the deluge of Master/Doctor fics*

Also Capt Jack as The Face of Boe - I'm not sure that makes much sense. Plus it kills the mystery a bit, we've still got Capt Jack in Torchwood, finding out his fate already seems like a cheat. And more importantly: total waste of his prettiness ;)
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azicrowazicrow on June 30th, 2007 08:02 pm (UTC)
Ok, the tardis /paradox machine was the only thing keeping that tangled up web of times and anti reality stuff together when it was destroyed the thing unravlled to before it was switched on essentially resetting itself.

I'm pretty sure she is she gave him her phone so a hint probably of further appearance

That was so sad and the will the drums stop? And the spite bt the vulnerabiity :( I so did not want him to die. but ooooh ring at the end still it won't be john simm.

I loved that cpt jack, face of Boe and I think it does make sense, he'll live forever know everything, and its just funny:D Plus the mystery was never his future, the mystery was his past and the missing two years.
Stan Ford forever!romine on July 1st, 2007 11:27 am (UTC)
My two cents:

I was quite disappointed with "Last of the Timelords". Season 3 so far has been so absolutely brilliant, with almost every episode beating the previous one in ingeniousness and reaching yet another fantastic peak, that my expectations for the season finale were pretty high.

The whole thing just didn't work for me. The Doctor and Jack trapped in the Master's Palace, being humiliated without the tiniest chance of escape, and still all it takes to free them is the people in the world thinking about the Doctor all at the same time. The scale of the Master's destruction was also way too epic for my liking. After he killed 1/10 of the population, built all these shiny machines and pretty much turned the rest of the people into his slaves, it was pretty clear that they'd have to reverse it in the end. Lame.

And killing John Simm was so not fair. I was so hoping he'd somehow get out of this alive and pop up every now and then in future seasons. Now, if they wanna bring back the Master, they'll have to cast yet another new actor.

As for Jack being the Face of Boe: my jaw dropped and didn't seem to close again for at least ten minutes, but I wasn't exactly happy with this twist either. RTD seems to have confirmed that he only decided to make Jack the Face of Boe in season 3, which is why there are inconsistencies with the earlier appearances of the Face. That's just rubbish. I'm a continuity stickler, and I really hate it when things like that happen. Plus, "total waste of his prettiness": so true. :P

I am rather glad Martha decided to stay behind, though. I sincerely hope she doesn't come back, at least not in a series regular and companion capacity.

DT, John Simm and also Freema (for once) all gave stellar performances, which made up for a lot. But all in all, definitely not my favorite episode.