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I thought I'd gotten over my obsession for memes...

Apparently I'd only buried it.

Anyway tmz_cori kinda snuck this one on me! *g*

Rodney/Radek/Chocolate Cake
Somebody once said (and I can't remember who now) that there weren't enough fics with Rodney and Radek getting messy over chocolate cake. Possibly sucking off fingers was involved. That's the kind of thing that stays with me ;)

Sam Seaborn
Just. so. much. love. He's so adorable. With his reading Josh's faces and accidentally sleeping with call girls and getting beaten on national TV by a girl and preaching to the choir and generally being fantastic. *sighs* I miss West Wing now - thanks a lot :p

Navin Chowdhry
Anyone seen Sinchronicity?

Set on the streets of Manchester, Sinchronicity is a stylish, strange and sexy comedy drama asking the question that haunts us all: "What if...?"

What role do chance and coincidence play in life? Find out when a string of seemingly inconsequential incidents and casual decisions prove monumental for three hip but unhappy twentysomethings.

Follow the fortunes of this love-locked threesome as they encounter an array of romantic conundrums, all driven by the fickle whim of Lady Fate.

Oh god that sounds awful! *g* But what you need to know is he plays an incredibly hot (well ok not much acting involved there) gay, rich and successful doctor. What's not to love? Also I think he's the prettiest man I've ever seen (Sorry Jensen and Barrowman).

That smile!!!

OMG! Those heartbreakingly angsty eyes!

Did I mention the eyes.

Look the eyes remain pretty even when smiling.

The sexy smirk!

Another gratuitous pretty shot.

Before this I never found chest hair so appealing.

Awww the cuteness.

And pretty leather clad shoulders just to finish with.

John Barrowman
I can't believe you have to ask! *tuts* He's gorgeous, talented, hysterically funny, sweet, fond of his fans (ummm most of the time!), incredibly easy to fangirl (OMG! He's everywhere. i.e. BBC1, 10am, tommorow) and by all accounts an absolutely wonderful person and lots of fun to be around.

Dr. Kavanagh
Atlantis' least favourite son. But how I love him! The poor man was treated so awfully by Weir. Simply because he voiced a sensible opinion. In many ways he's like the McKay in SG1. I honestly believe he's just trying to do what he thinks is best. Then Weir ordered him to be tortured on the basis of absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Bitch. But it did cement my love for him forever. Especially when he pointed out a few home truths I'm sure most of the Atlantis expedition want to do.

And since we're doing memes, here's one I've seen around a bit.
Name up to three things you want me to photograph in the world around me. They can be specific (my laptop), or not so specific (something blue). I'll put up the photos in the next couple of days.
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