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Photo meme

The requested pics from this meme.

For tmz_cori, a place where you have a fond memory of your family/friends.

A few years back we turned our garden shed into a games room. So lots of fond memories here of me being humiliated at snooker or darts or table tennis. Also because of the size, we use the room when a lot of the family get together - as in this example. (And you can just about see half of azicrow too. So family and friends :)

For little_smaug your computer monitor (with desktop).

The desktop gets changed at random intervals.

Something furry (this is also doubling as azicrow's request for favourite cuddly toy.

It was a birthday present and he's so cuddly and the long arms can give you actual hugs.

And your favourite item in your bedroom (keep it clean!)
That would probably also be the laptop but since you've seen that already, you can have this:

A phot collage thing I made with lots of friends and family.

azicrow wanted my favourite dvd.
I angsted over this one, but decided on Series 1 SGA because of the signatures.

And a piece of fruit (I think this is a hint that I should be eating better)

For kaaatie, the view out of your bedroom window.

The angle isn't very good because my window would only open so far but there's a huge park right opposite my house :)

My dvd collection:
My dvd's tend to get left by whichever player I was watching them next to so they're not really in any one place. Here's a selection.

And 'the place that you usually sit to watch tv!'

The black thing on the floor is quite thick and soft and I like to lean against the cushions resting on the sofa so I can stretch out. In winter blankets are involved. :)
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