Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

I only just finished. Yeah, I read slow. And sleep. And eat. It's a weakness.

I don't really know what to think. I liked it (well all until the epilogue!) but it was a bit slow in the middle with all the waiting around for them to find Horcruxes. But YAY for everything that happened after they arrived at Hogwarts.

For a minute I thought Harry was actually going to die. There was lots of angsting with myself before I could even continue reading! But I think that all worked out pretty well.

Also Ron didn't die! I was so upset about Fred, but I was convinced it was gonna be Ron. *takes a breath*

Obviously Snape was always going to be good, but I was convinced I would still hate him for killing Dumbledore so I'm glad Dumbledore was already dying. The new stuff about Dumbledore was all really great too. I love the idea of him being so human!

I was surprised that none of the kids were named after Fred or Sirius (preferably Lupin's) although maybe it's a middle name.

Neville is so utterly fantastic and I couldn't have really asked for more. As was Luna, right from her first line I was squeeing like mad. :)

And poor Dobby. That was the only point I cried!
Tags: hp
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