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This is the "OMG! I'm a grown-up now" freakout

My student email account no longer works. (So the people who have it, don't use that one.) I've been working almost for a week now. I've prescribed drugs, helped put in a chest drain, been so busy that I didn't sit down (let alone eat) all day and I'm on a three-day oncall this weekend. Yet for some reason nothing drove it home so much as the loss of the email. There was some lovely, lovely mail (and some pretty important ones that I may need in the future!). I've also lost all the contacts. In most cases that's not too bad since I'll seem most of them. But some people have moved away and I don't have all the phone numbers. I should have saved them and don't know why I didn't. I've been using it for over 6 years, I guess I just sorta thought it'd always be there.

Also this is the most pathetic thing to be upset over ever, yes?
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