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17 September 2007 @ 04:15 pm
I love you, SGA,'cause...  
"SGA Appreciation MeMe". TADA!

Help squash the 'Doom'n'Gloom' mindset fandom seems to be stuck in lately!
If you want to play and spread the SGA-love, make a post at your journal with the title "I Love You SGA" and copy & paste "I love you, SGA,'cause..." and the following (hopefully) long list with reasons into the post. Add a reason of your own at the end. You are done and have helped to spread the love. It's okay if your reason's already on the list, just add it once again.

I love you, SGA,'cause...

...I love the interaction of the characters, especially Team Sheppard
...I love Rodney McKay
...I love watching hot men with thigh holsters!
...I love Radek Zelenka
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