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connotations was awesome on a DH level of awesomeness. Squeeful fangirls(/boys) and interesting panels (which I feel deserves a proper post but know will not be happening) and con dancing (*hides face in shame*) and some of the best T-shirts I've ever seen and Simon Pegg/Nick Frost love and picking up far too many potential new obsessions:
  • Sentinel - Well I was sorta intending too for a while and I've finally caved!
  • The State Within - I just bought it but my copy of ADB still hasn't arrived yet, thanks to the Royal Mail strike, so I have no idea when I shall actually get it.
  • The Don Strachey Mysteries - What can I say, I love fandoms where there's not too much canon to catch up with.
  • Plus I said I'd read some Bandslash...I can't exactly remember why now. *g*
  • And my TokioHotel bookmark is sitting here looking pretty and tempting.

    Also I squeed all weekend over the PDSA calender with John Barrowman and Tiger but I just read about poor Tiger needing to be put down last night and now I feel completely awful and missing Quincy-ish. There's information on how to make a donation to Dog's Trust here if anyone's interested.

    I hope you all had good weekends too. kaaatie and mcalex22, I know you did ;).
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