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Merry Christmas

Went to London yesterday to see my cousin who got married a couple of months ago. She seemed happy. They have this huge house with a massive garden - and in London! And on the way back we stopped at a couple of other relative's houses - mainly people i don't know - like my mum's cousin's husband's sister's daughter's son etc. But it was still fun, everyone was really nice and made nice food (really makes the whole meeting people thing worth it).

The major downside was being stuck in a car with my babbling grandmother for that many hours. Yes, this is the same demented old hag who thought Azicrow was married to Julian Bashir!!! Okay those who haven't met her might think i'm being a little evil - but you'll just have to trust me on this one: "babbling demented old hag" is the absolute nicest i can be and is requiring a lot of self restraint!

Anyway moving on to more cheerful things:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone :D
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