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In Korea...and still unable to stay away

Well I didn't manage to last more than a day without internet when I was in Malaysia, so why would this be any different?

We (azicrow and I) arrived yesterday - more or less still in one piece after an insane amount of travelling. tikiberry met us at the airport - predictably over an hour late. It's nice to think some things never change. *g* Yesterday was mainly taken up by food and recovering...and internet.

Today we went to the Traditional Korean Folk Village, which was very cool, and we dressed up as "tradional folk" and took pictures - well except for tikiberry who refused to be "touristy". We then went to the very traditional amusement park and had fun on the pirate ship and rollercoaster - making azicrow sick - which was fun in it's own way.

Oh and we watched Heroes, and fangirled the Barrowman a lot - what was I saying about things not changing? ;) Tommorow there is to be a sleepover with tardis80 and more fannish stuff. *bounces*
Tags: azi, fun exotic places, john barrowman, korea, tiki
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