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back home

Back home now. Been awake for so many hours that my poor tired brain can't actually work out how many. Still checking flist beats sleep... ;)
There may be a 'oooh we had so much fun' type of post in the near future.

But without a doubt the most important thing (far more important than actually seeing tikiberry :p) that came out of the trip was:
OMG DON/TIMMY OTP 4EVA AND EVA AND ALSO EVA!!!! (Donald Strachey Mysteries for those poor, poor people who have not yet discovered the incredible adorableness of this couple.) Thank you connotations! Seriously we watched both movies about 3 times in the space of 48 hours! SO MUCH LOVE!

*sleeps now*

P.S. I have no Don/Timmy icons so I use my second most adorable couple ever.
Tags: don/timmy, donald strachey, korea, wiki
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