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"I'm getting married in the morning..."

azicrow has been staying with me since Saturday. :) Mostly this has involved a lot of junk food, coke (umm the soft drink), DS9, more DS9, a couple of totally random gay movies (don't ban me, LJ) and Brothers and Sisters (Oh Kevin!).

Unfortunately that's almost over and I have to go be a grown up now. We're flying out to Pakistan tommorow. The wedding is going to be next weekend, except it's a Asian thing with many different events so it starts practically as soon as we land. I'll then have about two weeks of honeymoon time, exploring some of the prettier parts of the country :)

There's a good chance I might not have time/access for/to internet until I get back though. So I'm going to leave you with two things I'm sure you've all heard of anyway.

1. LJ Strike on March 21st - I probably won't be posting because I won't be around. But I think that even if I was here, I'd still choose to take part.

2. MSF Auction Site for David Hewlett - the4ts ran a charity auction for DH's birthday last year which was lots of fun and hugely successful so being the crazy wonderful person she is, she's doing it again. Check it out.
Tags: azi, brothers and sisters, david hewlett, ds9, msf, wedding
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