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  • My tummy hurts. That time of the month :( But I've been cramping for THREE DAYS now! Ever since I started the Pill, my cycles have been really irregular and heavy and PAINFUL! I mentioned it to my GP last time I went for a pill check and he just said "that's not likely to be the cause". Which, i can sorta agree with as that's the opposite of what they're supposed to do, but it doesn't explain what is and it doesn't do anything for the pain!

  • Being on nights has made me incapable of doing anything remotely useful, and so I haven't even bought Christmas cards yet, let alone posted them. So I'm afraid they're all likely to be horribly late. *looks sheepish* On the plus side, you still have time to tell me if you'd like one.

  • Dragons!
    After trying and trying and trying for an Autumn egg, I finally got one. But it has soft shell! Does anyone know what I should do? Is it possible to make it healthy again?
    Adopt one today!

    Male thoughts for these eggs please, I have too many girls and the current boys are totally not interested! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

  • I'm bored. And have a week off. Pimp me something. Be it a shiny new show, fanfic, vid, music, a game, whatever.
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