Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

Day 8

  • No theatre again!
  • Another Firefly squee, this time getting a third person interested. YAY for spreading Firefly love :D
  • Chocolate cake for lunch.
  • The Christmas decorations have been put up on the ward, and at quiet time when the lights were switched off, the tree was all pretty and sparkly.
  • Raffles! I didn't win anything but raffles are just so much fun.
  • Because it was such a quiet day I got to leave on time, at 5.
  • It's Christmas tommorow! (YAY no work!)
  • New Doctor Who in less than 24 hours.
  • Very long weekend.
  • More Merlin watching.
  • Someone actually wanted to swap a weekend on call so I don't have to work New Year's weekend anymore. ;)
  • I've almost (bar one tiny little thing) managed to get time off for Peg 4.

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful time and a fantastic New Year.
  • Tags: chocolate, christmas, firefly, happy meme
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