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Every time I go to my G.P. (every 6 months for a pill check), I get told off for having put on more weight. So every 6 months, I decide to try and be more healthy. It lasts about a week. This is that time. It helps me to write it all down, so you must all suffer.

My main problem is that I can get through at least a litre of Coke a day. But I have been really good about that recently. I think in the last week, I've only had about 3 glasses (large) in total. The headache's gone too! I'm on nights again next week so I'm not sure how long that'll last, but we'll see. I've tried diet coke and coke zero - they're yucky.

The other thing I struggle with is breakfast. I like having a full fried breakfast or a massive omelette but that's usually only a couple of times a week. I think I can cut it down to once. But I don't know what to have instead. All the cereals that are edible are bad for you. I quite like Almond, Oats and More, which is wholegrain and sounds reasonably healthy but has more sugar and saturated fat than Cocopops! How does that work?

My current weight (according to my scales, because they're kinder than the ones at the doctor's surgery) is 69kg. Which makes my BMI 29 (on the overweight side of overweight). I'm aiming for 55kg (yes that's what I'm aiming for in the week it takes for me to forget this whole thing) puting my BMI at 23 (middle of healthy).

I do realise that at some point there should be some exercise too, but one step at a time.

Of course in about an hour I'm going to the cinema (popcorn!) and then out to eat. Oh well.
Wish me luck.
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