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They say moving house is one of the three most stressful life events...

It's right up there with bereavement and divorce. Currently going through the process, I have to say I can see why!

I did get a job in the end, but it's in the middle of nowheresville, Chesterfield. Now, only of slight fame because of the latest dastardly handsome Torchwood villian. I've been commuting but as I still can't drive (failed another driving test, only three serious faults, but that's a whole different story) it's a 3 and a half hour trip from leaving my house in the morning which includes 2 trains, 2 buses, lots of waiting around AND walking up a hill!!

Clearly I couldn't keep living like that, I am actually a morning person, I'm just not a 5am person! So we bought a house in the middle of nowhere, in Chesterfield! It's a very pretty house, with walls and a roof and everything. I shall post pictures once I'm all moved in.

But the last few weeks has been a crazy mess of shopping and packing and solicitors! However most of that is over now. Actually I still have a lot of packing to do, but today I bought curtains (the very last item on the list) so at least the crazy shopping part's over.

We're moving in on monday! So then there'll undoubtably be a few crazy days of unpacking. And my internet won't be up for 5-10 working days!! :( And my fridge isn't being delivered until NEXT monday so there shall be no food for a week. But at least it's almost over!
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