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New Year's Eve?

So apparently it's only been 6 days since Christmas! That was lots of fun BTW. We all went to tikiberry's house and had lots of food and crackers and presents - I got Brothers and Sisters and Golden Hour, which is amazing because I didn't even think they were any copies of that! Unfortunately I was working nights so had to leave early and didn't even get to watch Dr. Who. Since then it was work nights, sleep badily during the days, give up and watch West Wing instead, burn down microwaves, that kinda thing.

I finished nights on tuesday morning. At which point my whole family decided to descend, so I was sleepless and cooking (no more destroyed appliances though) and then there was fun things like more house presents for me. And charades (in which my five year old cousin instead on doing Tom and Jerry each time and we had to pretend to guess) and Articulate (which the boys won but only because they're waaaay better at the 'world' bit by knowing which footballer comes from where) and then there was a scare with my laptop when the kids were playing Cbeebies and the internet stopped working (!!!) it took me a good 15 mins to figure out that they'd swithed off the wireless button and then Leicestershire monopoly (which just made me homesick). Then they all decided to stay over!

So there was lots of sleeping on the floor and those of us without beds/floor space (me, hubby, my siblings and my 2 very young uncles) played poker! Apparently that's there new obsession (the things I miss), I needed to be thought but didn't lose completely and even won one game. Then it was morning again and we did a massive full english breakfast. Then they still didn't want to leave! And decided to go shopping in Sheffield instead, so we all went along (by this point I was so sleep deprived that I could barely stand but still managed to spend money!) Then there was Nando's and a table for 16! They finally went home straight from Sheffield about 5pm (only 'cause there was some football match or something on at 7 that the boys couldn't miss).

But since we were so close, hubby and I decided to go to the Cinema. I finally watched Sherlock Holmes. I was a bit worried that I might fall asleep, I do that at Cinema's at the best of times. (I can't help it, it's dark and sometimes quiet and normally well air-conditioned so I have a coat over me like a blanket). But actually the movie kept me awake from beginning to end, which I think speaks for itself. Then hubby wanted to watch a Bollywood movie, 3 idiots, so we went to that aswell! But don't ask me what it was about, I think I was asleep before the trailers ended. We finally got home at midnight and I've only now just woken up!

And apparently it's New Year's Eve. I'm still not sure I believe that since I still haven't seen Dr Who but Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2010 is wonderful to you all and cause I'm listening to Vic Fontaine "here's to trouble free tomorrows, may your sorrows all be small".
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