Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

2010, Bridget Jones style

New Year's resolutions = 4. New Year's resolutions kept = 1 (v. good effort).

Driving tests done = 4 (excellent progress). Driving tests passed = 0 (not v.g.).

New Fandoms = 7 (Life, White Collar, Rizolli and Isles, Sherlock, Inception, Kurt/Blaine [that counts because it's not Glee, it's most certainly just Kurt/Blaine], Hawaii Five-O). Old Fandoms kept = all of them (very bad, must stop obsessively collecting fandoms).

Number of times "The Kevin/Scotty story" watched on YouTube = 3 (fair). Minutes spent pretending the most recent Kevin/Scotty disaster never happened = approx 660 (poor).

Sleepovers = 4 (No, I'll really never grow up)

Number of days we had snow = 18. Number of days Jayne hat worn = 43 (good). Number of comments on Jayne hat = 5 (continuing good work).

Magic Elves = 32 (completely understandable). Money spent on Magic Elves = £9.28 (worth it)

Now off to spent New Year's Eve watching Jonathan Creek +/- other happy inducing things. YAY!

Happy New Year everyone
Tags: new year
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