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#001 Squeeful things: Everybody Walk

Because this is something that made me squee (quite a lot and multiple times) today.

Anyone who hasn't seen The West Wing reunion walk and talk thing go here. In fact even if you have seen it, I think it's worth going again. ;)

(Thanks to tikiaceae for pointing me to it)

Where do I even start with how much I love this? There's the obvious West Wing love, of course. There's how easily they can mock themselves (and the American people!). There's Larry (Or Ed, whatever) and ghostly!Mrs Landingham. There's jacket wearing, tight pink spandex, multiple variations of 30 minutes and adorable demonstrations of walking. And there's our geeky president being a geek. *hearts*

As a side note (I know the point of this challenge was to get away from RL) but I spend a reasonable amount of my working life telling people to do just this. And now I can smile to myself every time I do. :)

And if that wasn't enough squee right there, there's a behind the scenes thing. Within which there is much laughter, Dule Hill getting smacked on the head, Allison Janney owing money and Joshua Malina being a cruel, cruel man and shattering the hopes of millions on Twitter.

*goes to rewatch*
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