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#002 Squeeful things: Avenger's Assemble

This week, how could there not be Avenger's squee?!?

Superheroes and Joss Whedon! The squee for this one's been building up for months! And like everyone else, I was excited. But small confession, I've not always been the biggest fan of the Avengers. I liked Thor (mainly 'cos of Loki). I only watched the first Iron Man and it was kinda ok. I liked Captain America the movie, but Steve Rogers was a bit pathetic. And The Hulk was outright disappointing.

Still I was expecting it to be fun. It blew my expectations waaaaay outta the water.

Lots of people on my flist have done wonderful, detailed reviews. This is not one of those. This is just to say SO. MUCH. LOVE!

I liked all of the characters. Nick Fury was done awesomely by SLJ, he managed to be human and likeable as well as competent and badass. Stark made me laugh from the first moment he arrived and then I don't think I stopped. (I even liked Pepper!) Captain America, my love knows no bounds, talk about competence is hot! *dies* Natasha gets all the points for being snarky and kickass and really, really pretty. Fanboy!Coulson was also awesome and I'm firmly in the camp of he didn't die, it didn't happen. (Damn you, Joss Whedon). Mark Ruffalo as Banner, perhaps the best decision in the world, ever. There was just sooo much emoting, with his heart of his sleeve the whole time.

And then there was actually not a bad plot and the witty Whedonesque dialogue to stop it from being just another action movie. Also bonus Alexis Denisof for the win!

I came out of there as a Steve/Stark fan (yeah I'm going with the masses on this) but I loved their interactions and they really played off each other very well. But I have some Rogers/Banner love and also Tony/Banner love. And tikiaceae has helped me see the light that is Hawkeye/Coulson.

And now I shall fill my days with fic, until the sequel comes out. :D
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