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#003 Squeeful things: "Once More With Feeling"

I moved out of my parents home like 4 years ago. But they've been doing some cleaning and I've just been given a box of some stuff I left behind. And guess what I found on the very top:

Of course it had to be my squeeful thing of the day.
I know that it's actually a heartbreakingly sad and pretty dark episode. But it's also just so much fun! There's witty lyrics (YAY Joss Whedon) and upbeat music and wacky dance numbers and the songs are infectiously catching.

I don't think I can pick a favourite. I like Going Through the Motions as it's one of the rare times I actually feel genuinely sorry for Buffy. Tara's Under your Spell and Giles' Standing both leave me teared up. I'll Never Tell manages to be simultaneously hilarious and really sad, plus Emma Caulfield has an amazing voice. Spike's Rest in Peace is completely LOL! And the group numbers at the end are all just wonderful.

We've had many a fun road trip singing this whole album at the top of our voices. A tradition I may have to restart ;)
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