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don't know what to say, except azicrow and wiki whinged at me to post something. or i'm randomly babbling.

Watched Life Aquatic yesterday - it was good, funny, just not quite what i was expecting.

Ooooh as for work related things - it's looking up. i think i'm finally getting better at sticking people with big needles and i've just been avoiding scary people. But now i think i should concentrate on writing my thesis (only a couple of months to go) but i'm totally lacking any sort of motivation. Today i just had one blood to take at 9 and have been wasting time since. will probably continue to do so for some time.

Want to watch ATLANTIS!!!!! It's not fair. Wiki gets to see Siege part 2 before me. :( Am upset. Mckay is waaay cool. Oh speaking of cool - so is Daniel. And Julian. (well i did warn you about the randomness).

Okay gonna go waste time on neopets.
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