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hmmm i had a normalish weekend.

Self defense on sat morning, things are getting heated up now, so we were all being really agressive - i'm still aching in several parts.

and then my grandma came home from the hospital [she had a heart attack! - but just a little one ;)] still it meant we had lots of family coming over to visit her so that kept me busy most of the weekend.

But yesterday night, went out to for a late birthday celebration for sinistrala. That was fun, as usual we ordered to much food and couldn't eat it all. But they have *really* nice choc cake at that place - so kepps me happy :D

Unfortunately that meant still haven't done any work, it's beginning to seem serious enough to get me panicking now, but just not enough panic in order to motivate work. that's not a good place to be. :(
And i have a presentation on wed, where i'm supposed to talk about my results to date - well that'll take all of 30 seconds!
Tags: cinema, randomness, work
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