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long time no speak

Okay so i haven't really had time to update much lately - but that should all change now cos i just got broadband installed at home, on my brand new and VERY cool laptop (which isn't exactly the silver colour i wanted - more of a titanium silver - but i've learnt to love it anyway - there you go, i think i'm growing - you know seeing past the surface - realising that beauty is not just skin (or casing) deep - aren't you proud of me :D) Anyway, the point i was trying to make before i got happily caught up in babbling mode - i'll try and update more often - because wiki, as the only person who ever reads this crap, deserves that respect ;)

So what have i been up to - not much - same old stuff- except this laptop comes with a new game - spider solitaire which is actually quite challenging so i've been having fun trying to crack it.

oh yeah - and the blood thing - sorry if i freaked you out with that text message, wiki, my phone said it hadn't been sent so i didn't think it mattered. Anyway what happened was i was taking blood and missed the vien completely so decided to take the needle out to have another go - of course what's the absolute first rule of taking blood - make sure you TAKE OFF THE TOURNQUET BEFORE PULLING THE NEEDLE OUT!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway wasn't a pretty sight - actually that's not really true - it kinda was pretty (on hindsight) like a little fountain of blood spraying out of this poor man's arm - and it took me a good 5 secs to realise what was happening and another 5 before i calmed down enough to figure out what do to. Anyway by that time - his arm and bedsheets were sorta drenched in blood! OPPS! Made me very popular with the nurses ;)

I mean i've made a mess of it before (as you remember, on my first ever attempt, i freaked out cos the blood was red :D) but this was just in a league of it's own. Anyway since then i've tried it a few times (well about 4/5.) and no major disasters (kept whispering to myself - "take off the tournquet, take it off, take it off". but not very much success either - in all those attempts i've only managed to actually get the blood once - i don't know what's wrong with me - i just can't seem to get the hang off it. And no now would not be a good time to give me a lecture about hand eye co-ordination!
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