May 28th, 2004

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i had my viva today - was every bit as scary as i thought it would be, especially since as soon as i went in they started bombarding me with molecular biology questions (which i literally knew ABSOLUTELY nothing about - AT ALL!) i couldn't even babble randomly cos i had no clue so i just sat there looking stupid - very very stupid. But then (after a incredibly long and humilatiting 5 odd minutes of that) they decided to move on and ask me some nice normal questions - except i think i may have been a little shell shocked cos i didn't answer nearly as well as i could have - as soon as i'd said somethign i realised how i could have said it better - it was kinda annoying but at least i was saying *something so that's better than before.

I guess we just have to wait and see what happens - and hope my next one - which isn't for another 3 weeks thank god - is a little better.

Anyway gonna go drown my sorrows in caffientated sugar water and really old music (my James Darren AKA Vic Fontaine CD arrived this morning) :D
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