November 2nd, 2004

JB praying


I decided to go with the 3am watching of ER and this morning i watched Buffy and ER again - despite the fact that it was on at 11.45 which meant i only got into the hospital after 1. But i decided i needed to prioritise ;) It was so worth it. Lucy is such a sweet little pathetic thing who can't put in IVs- been there, done that. It's about time the had a med student who wasn't absolutely perfect in everyway RE: Gallant, Nila etc But you didn't tell me Carter was doing the whole facial hair thing again! >:( (or i suppose for the first time)

the only problem with coming in later is i probably have to stay later which means i won't get to go home in time to eat, pity as today we have a big family thing (no i'm not gonna miss that) but it means i'll miss all the nice food :( Okay have to stop talking about food - making my stomach grumble!