June 9th, 2005

JB praying

Bridget Jone's Moment

I had a good day yesterday. Lots of David Hewlett and Coke. Also RotS. Returned home to find that I have a hole in my wall.

Plus lots of plaster everywhere. Not good.

It (the hole) used to be my heating, but it was really old and hadn't been used since the central heating was put in, years ago and since the house is being redecorated, we thought get rid of the old gas. I think i didn't realise that would mean a hole, do they not plaster these things up or something?

And as if that's not bad enough, he (the builder type person) was supposed to put up shelves (i know how lazy am I?) and i told him where i wanted them but he just totally ignored that and put them up where-ever, which normally i wouldn't care about too much. Not fussy me :D. But he covered/trapped my calender!!! This i care about! I like calenders, and okay this year wasn't a great one but it's the principle of the matter. Plus that was a great calender spot. Where am i going to put future calenders?

Also i feel i now don't have to remember birthdays for the rest of the year.
JB praying


oooh look i made a shiny new icon.

well okay maybe not that shiny, but first one with more than one frame so just trying this out.

Plus need to go out so couldn't spend ages searching for cool pics.

Also i think maybe it's a bit fast.

Suggestions appreciated.

Another GIP

I must stop. Or pretty soon I'm gonna want to increase icon numbers, therein lies only badness!

But i like this one. Which means everyone else should too. No arguments! :D