November 15th, 2006

WW fandom geek

Don't y'all miss the time when I only ever posted once in a blue moon...

When you see this on your flist, quote The West Wing.

Give me some credit, I ignored this the first three times it appeared. But West Wing and quotes!!! I am powerless to resist. Also I feel I don't give President Bartlet enough love.
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Summarize ten of your fandoms in one sentence, then see who on your friends list can guess these fandoms!
1. Nancy Drew, eat your heart out. Veronica Mars, guessed by ellieptical and rosewildeirish.

2. Religion, politics, love, family, friendship and space travel: this show has it all. Several good suggestions for this one, but I was thinking DS9. Guessed by nakeisha and fanboy_of_zeus.

3. A hot gay doctor and some other people. (Bonus points if anyone other than azicrow or imagechild get this one.) Sinchronicity. Guessed by imagechild.

4. Space cowboys. Firefly. Guessed by ellieptical, fanboy_of_zeus and shippygem.

5. It's only like CSI if you're dyslexic. NCIS. Guessed by ellieptical, rosewildeirish, nakeisha and shippygem.

6. CSI Cardiff Torchwood. Guessed by ellieptical, rosewildeirish and shippygem.

7. You think your family has problems? Supernatural. Guessed by nakeisha.

8. Genetically engineered ass-kicker Dark Angel. Guessed by ellieptical, rosewildeirish and shippygem.

9. Geek love, no better kind. Numb3rs. Guessed by nakeisha and fanboy_of_zeus.

10. Even the 'jocks' are supersmart! Stargate: Atlantis. Guessed by fanboy_of_zeus.