December 20th, 2006

charlie/larry geeklove

Thank yous

'Cause I'm been too lazy to do this before I have a lot of people to thank!

A massive thank you to kaaatie for West Wing Series 7 (which I'm loving to bits), copious amounts of spam and an adorable card with cute elf!Rodney and elf!John manips. Those actually made me squee OLD LOUD! Thanks :)

Thanks to my darling Hope (imagechild) for the lovely Charlie/Larry geek love icons and the mistletoe!!! *stands under it and looks hopeful*

Thank you to morganmuffle for the card and tea!!! Which I enjoyed on a lazy afternoon with this awesome SPN/Firefly crossover (random pimping).

Thanks Meg (ravenlaughing) for the pretty postcards and the card.

Also thank you for the wonderful cards to ellieptical, fresleyforever (i love Winnie the Pooh - most of my socks star Pooh characters), zellieh, hermioneorourke (very shiny!) and planetkiller (yes, even a mention of Lorne/Kav makes me grin like an insane person).