August 9th, 2008


*waves* i'm still here

Every couple of months I decide that I'm going to spend more time on LJ and catch up with my flist etc etc. But between work, and being married (and having a crazy ass extended family) I keep falling behind on that. However, this time I mean it ;)

I've just started my General Practice rotation, which is wonderful! No oncalls, no evenings, no weekends. We have a morning surgery from 9-12 and an afternoon one from 3.30 to 6! Thursday mornings are free. Monday afternoons are free. And on friday we finish at 4pm! :D I've always thought of myself as a hospital medic but THREE days of this and I'm already seriously considering converting! So I should definetly have more time to hang around here and be fannish again! YAY!!!

Other stuff
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I think that's probably enough with the random babble for now.