December 2nd, 2008

DT- perfect 10

'tis the Season

It suddenly occurs to me that it's December. (Ok maybe it wasn't such a spontaneous realisation as the fact that lots of you have Christmas posts :D )
Anyway I want to send you all cards because it makes me happy. If you'd like to receive one, please leave me your address. I have some from previous years, but lots of people have moved and I'm easily confused.

Also I love trying to grant wishes from people's Christmas lists so if you have one, leave the link in the comments too.

I don't have a wish list this year, but if you want to make me happy you could click on my dragons . Or if any of you are struggling for gift ideas, you could try Good Gifts.

Last year, I was on nights over Christmas. This year I'm on nights over Eid. I think the woman who organises these things hates me. No really, I called her useless. But I did then buy her chocolates to apologise.