Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

strange calm before the storm kinda feeling

wow, just finished the thesis!! (after re-doing my references twice - NEED to get a reference manager!) It's now being printed at a rate of about 1.5mins per page and i have about 130pages and need 4 copies of the thing, taking a grand total of about 12 hours! but then i knew that already and planned ahead. I have 5 series of DS9 (to pick all my fave eps from) 1.5L of Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, 4 cans of coke and Lime Doritos with dip. Strange, this almost feels like a party. But then, what else am i supposed to do whilst waiting for printing right? Can't spend all night catching up on fics (as much as i'd like to, cos i don't really trust my laptop with multiple tasks ;). So DS9 it is. But i still feel really strange and can't quite place it. Maybe it's a "what if i run out of paper/ink" both of which i both plenty of spares. Or maybe it's just a this is so like the final copy, no more editing. Or much more likely, i'm just obsessing. Gonna try to stop doing that now.
Tags: ds9, ice cream, work
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