Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,


I went shopping to buy Paper. Came back with

  • A skirt (it's summer, need summery clothes)
  • A shivel chair for my desk (to be fair, i've had this chair for years and it's not even comfortable)
  • Another bookshelf (i have a lot of stuff!)
  • A cabinet for the TV (the whole room is being redone, can't have one old thing)
  • A game thingy for cousin (birthday, turning one)
  • Another play thingy for other cousin just because it looked so cute (plus this is the only way i know to get kids to like me)
  • A silver cover for my phone (that was always the plan, i just never got around to it)
  • pick and mix (chocolate needs explanation??)
  • Photoshop Pro (cos it turns out the version on my comp was a trial, and finished now)
  • And the paper

    So as you can see all of those things were needed and not just random buying....

    Have no money!!!! But at least i have a smiley new icon to cheer myself up. (BTW: spent about an hour looking for a pic of Oz smiling, i'm sure i recall him doing it alongside the whole "werewolf in love" thing but couldn't find it. If anyone knows where it is, would be much appreciated.)
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