Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,


Just had a really great time having a "pjyama party" with azicrow, wikiberry and sinistrala. We watched lots of Firefly and SG:A - neither of which sini had seen before, so YAY shiny new fandoms. We also watched Thoughtcrimes, a very cool movie starring Joe Flanigan (singing the Scooby Dooby Doo theme song!) would recommend it to anyone who's not seen it. We played lots of Articulate - and whichever pair i was in won 6 outta 7 games! And highlights being when wiki and I won games with clues like "when we first see Sheppard, what's he in" and "In Hide and Seek, what did Rodney compare the mist to". YAY, cool atlantis. We also somehow managed to eat £60 worth of food (and drink) in 27 hours. No seriously. But that did include the octopus. Fun times. :D
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