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Serenity again

Oooh I watched Serenity twice in a row today....I *love* my friends. And you knw what? IT NEVER GETS OLD! Seriously, i still laughed at all the jokes, still jumped at several points, still tightly gripped the arm rests (or convenient fingers) at all the right moments, was shocked and hurt and loved it all the same.

Several people mentioned the soundtrack for the movie but i admit i was completely oblivious to it the first time and maybe for most of the second one. I think that's probably a part of what makes it work, it fits in with the scene so that it adds emotional depth without being overpowering and detracting from the characters (which, lets face it, this movie is all about). I'm just a tad disappointed the FF theme couldn't be put in somewhere.

I loved the little scene where Jayne checks that everyone is strapped in on a practically wordless order from Mal. i think it goes something like:
Mal: Jayne
Jayne: Got it.
How efficient are they? And despite everyone's playful bitching about Jayne, this crew really does gel and is seemless in a way similar to Picard's Enterprise. However they're not Starfleet trained so makes it that much better. Also how cute is it that Jayne is checking everyone else whilst getting thrown around himself - genuine concern! On a similar note - i love Jayne taking a drink and then passing the bottle smoothly to Simon who then takes a swig without a second thought. It's so sweet and team bonding-y, considering how these two have never really gotten along before.

Another thing is i was surprised at how little i remembered after Wash died. Simon got shot! and totally suddeny, again with the dramatic. I had vague ideas of him being hurt and me thinking Joss was ultra evil and would kill him too but not the details. I thought Zoe was shot, but no she was slashed and i forgot about the polyfiller!!! I totally didn't remember about Jayne or Kaylee (although i did recall Simon giving instructions to treat even through his own pain) or anything about the Simon/River conversation before she goes off to fight the Reavers. Basically, i think i shut off after Wash and stopped registering things. This kinda surprises me, but i feel like it shouldn't - cos Wash - and dead - and what i way to do it.

Ooooh both times today we had kind of a mut audience (which was disappointing) but i think it's worth mentioing that the only part which got a huge laugh both times was when Mal with his knife is facing the Operative with the big sword. LOL :D

Also this i probably said before - but it's worth mentioning again - TOPLESS SIMON! YAY! :D And he's obviously been working out. The topless Simon of Objects in Space was very good, but this version was better than good. *g*

EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE. Even if you're not a fan, it still rocks.
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