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08 October 2005 @ 09:49 pm
The 4400  
Wow, it's been a real TV watching day today :)

Ooh Summer Glau was playing a crazy chick, oh no wait, a crazy chick with super powers. Sound familiar? LOL :D that was cool to see. Poor girl though, i hope she doesn't get typecasted into those kinda roles, i hear she's pretty talented.

And Kavan Smith (Major Hottie Lorne) was also hanging around playing a cool Agent with a healthy dose of snark! Eeeee!

Oh as if that's not enough for the cool guest stars we also got Jeffrey Combs, yes i admit i didn't figure it out until right at the end when he spoke, but still.

Lily and Richard - isn't it about time something went right for them. Seriously, outta all of the 4400 they have the worst luck - or possibly not luck - whatever i still feel for them.

Maia continues to be the coolest character on the show, despite the fact that she's only like 8!

Poor Shaun being all brainwashed and not really knowing about it, at least he's starting to see reason.
Current Mood: amusedamused