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i had a nice easy relaxed weekend - which was great except i have a ton load of work to do - i seriously don't want my next viva to go like my previous one.

Saturday - went to watch a stupid bollywood movie with my sisters - which was - well take a wild guess - predictable! You know they went through this stae of writing original stories, but apparently that didn't work too well for them cos now they've gone back to the obvious soppy romances - except they've tried to modernise them with an american twist - so basically it's like watching an american teen chick flick! Still sid brought me a large popcorn - SALT - so i was happy.

Today - a couple of my cousins came over so we just sat around and then ordered take out. Then went to the park and ate ice creams. Then we remembered that it's another cousins 21st today! (Yeah, i know aren't we wonderful) so we went over there - which was a good thing cos she'd made loads to eat and had a waaaay cool choc cake. Then my aunt decided to take us out to treat us for her birthday so we went bowling in meridian, which made a nice change from the crappy town one. And guess what i didn't come last!!! :D Okay admittedly the women who did come last is 8 months pregnant and could barely move and i was a close second :D Then we went to a restaurant. Do you notice the food theme, at all? I just got back and was wondering why i felt so full and bloated. Mystery solved.
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