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Firefly and Hats

Has anyone noticed how obsessed the Firefly 'verse is with hats?

Obviously Jayne's hat from the Message has got to be the first example, and is probably what set me off thinking about their headgear...

Image hosted by

But looking back.

In Serenity (the Pilot)

Image hosted by
Cute woobie wash with a cap!

Image hosted by
Badger and his "very fine hat"

Image hosted by
Poor Two-Fry (it worries me that that name comes to me without even having to think about it) has his hat shot off! Patience has one too.

Image hosted by
In Ariel they're all wearing these seriously flattering caps!

Image hosted by
Ooooh look more Jayne and hat!!!! he's sooo pretty! Actually he wears a weird hat thing in Jaynestown too *g*

Plus the alliance guys all wearing hats, which seem to be slightly different depending on rank! Yes the hat is a part of the uniform! I don't know why that amuses me but is sooo does :)

I'm sure there must be other examples but i'm late and need to go...

And now i want a 'my fandom is obsessed with hats' kinda icon which is better done that this one *g*
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