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SG1 and other stuff

I tried to make jelly today. It was hugely unsucessful. Yes, some part of the complicated instructions totally got the better of me. I mean come on: "boil water, add mixture, mix, leave to set". Seriously i don't know what i did, except from now i'm going to leave jelly making to the professionals.

I thought the ep was pretty light, which seems a bit strange for an episode which is probably supposed to have some tension, being a session opener and a cliffhanger!

Still lots of stuff that i liked.

General Landry seems pretty cool and i loved his first conversation with Mitchell's and his "outward perfection" :D He also calls Walter "the little sergeant with psychic powers" - that actually made me laugh.

Mitchell himself - the flashbacks were a tad annoying and dull (well ok except the one where he's in the hospital) but overall he's kinda adorkable - and has a hero worship thing going with SG1 which is pretty cool and funny and you just gotta 'awwww' him.

The auditioning scene was pretty funny, with the scary looking women and all her languages, the pushups and the androids and "call me Dave" guy.

Teal'c came back cos Daniel was hurt! Even though he was busy with all sorts of political stuff. Soooo sweet.

"Ladies first" and Vala makes Daniel go first! Okay totally cliched, but still funny.

Jack telling Mitchell he could have "anything - professionally - well not *anything" - just so Jack, i'm gonna miss him :(

On the flip side:
I was really disappointed that Sky 1 cut the credits too, i was thinking maybe they wouldn't, especially since the Americans have seen the error of their ways. Makes no sense. I like the credits!

And poor Daniel, once again he doesn't get to go to Atlantis...hopefully someday...

Also Vala - annoying as hell. No really. Although maybe i was predisposed to not liking her, but she made it soooo easy.

And a totally shallow observation - OMG Daniel, get rid of the beard!

Ohh and The 4400 continues to have the best guest stars ever - Robert Picardo (Woohoo!!!) and Lexa Doig (who looks amazing, BTW) :)
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