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Serenity x5

So i dragged along a non-firefly fan to watch Serenity today. She'd never even heard of ff, and i didn't tell her anything and overall she liked it (YAY!!) and said if i was going again she wouldn't mind coming! double YAY!

She laughed at most of the right places and sat up straighter in her chair after the evil thing with Wash!

She didn't like Kaylee - which was a bit of a surprise to me, but thinking about it, she's kinda pathetic in the film. I especially hate her weird little reaction when Wash says the guys are being chased by Reavers - i'm sure Jewel Staite can do fear better than that. But she also has kinda terrified reactions at other points (none of which bother me, but then i'm predisposed to like these people). And she doesn't actually do anything that useful. During the series we see her fix the ship several times and even whilst shot in the stomach! Also "she comes off as a bit of a slut" which i guess without the whole Simon/Kaylee backstory could be true, or possibly my friend is a prude.

Inara was also annoying for some non specified reason and she didn't know what she did (they do make a passing reference to her "entertaining clients in this very bed") but maybe she slept through it. ooh forgot to ask about Zoe.

She was surprised that Wash died saying "he seemed like the funny one" - awwwwwwwww. But surprised was the best emotion i could get from her. I tried to explain how it was heartbreaking! i did! didn't work! :(

Shepherd Book was barely a blip on the radar screen (which again made me sad - cos i love *all* of these characters.) Same for Simon, except that made me extra sad - and i thought he did quite a lot throughout the movie, but i suppose he's still in the background a bit and you need to be paying attention to him to see it.

She liked Mal - falling for the whole troubled hero thing.

River - she liked, but kept comparing to Buffy, which annoyed me a tad. They're very different. okay fine "hot chicks with superpowers" but beyond that - nothing.

Mr Universe was a nobody! Strange how that upset me almost as much as the Simon thing.
The Reavers were not that scary and she had the feeling she's come across a similar concept a lot before. They also reminded her of Orks. The Operative was a "cool bad guy". But the second half of the movie had too much violence, most of which she zoned out off.
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