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15 November 2005 @ 01:26 pm
The "I Need to get to know my Friendslist better" Survey  
Taken from burningchoas

I should really be working, so obviously things like these are much more appealing *g*

All you have to do is fill out the survey and paste it in a comment to this entry. :)

AIM Name:
Yahoo Name:
ICQ Number:
Best friend(s) on LJ:
Fandoms You're A Part Of:
What's your life like right now?: (living arrangements, schooling, work, etc):
Ramble on a little about yourself -- say anything at all:

Anything you don't want to tell me is fine.

Name: Maria
Age: 23
Birthday: Sept 10th
Location: England
AIM Name: don't have one.
Yahoo Name: maria8475 (but don't use it much)
ICQ Number: also don't have one! I tend to use google talk or msn - maria8475 on both (yeah i'm so original)
Best friend(s) on LJ: wikiberry, azicrow and sinistrala - LJ and RL.

Fandoms You're A Part Of: Currently (in order of obsessiveness): SGA, Firefly, West Wing, House, NCIS, ER, Lost, Trek (a long term one that's sorta always around). Of course there are LOTS more things that i watch but am not actively a part of the fandom for.

What's your life like right now?: (living arrangements, schooling, work, etc): Averageish - i always complain about my life in a manner that's completely out of proportion to how bad it actually is - i pretty much love my family, friends and uni/work.

Ramble on a little about yourself -- say anything at all:
Eeee, these questions are bad enough when you have to fill them in for CVs/application forms. But for LJ, I don't have a clue what i should ramble about. I used to be a pretty normal kid (ok so i watched X-files and Twilight Zone - it was the 90s, who didn't?) until azicrow introduced me to Trek - things kinda went downhill from there. Seriously, i became hooked after about 3 eps and then got my hands on every episode possible and watched like mad. Also Sky One used to show like 4-5 episodes back to back every Sat and Sun so for about 3 months that's how i spent all my weekends! Eventually (after a year or so) I calmed down a bit. Then i discovered Fanfic.... Eventually (after about 4 years) i calmed down a bit again. And then in came Slash! I'm still waiting for the calm down period - it's kinda taking it's time.
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
azicrow: armpornazicrow on November 15th, 2005 03:23 pm (UTC)
Birthday: 20 / 11/ 1982
Location: England
AIM Name:azicrow
Yahoo Name:scummbar007
ICQ Number:don't even know what that is LOL
Best friend(s) on LJ: Maria8475, wikiberry, sinistrala, Shelonei and TF
Fandoms You're A Part Of:Atlantis, star trek, Harry Potter, QAF, Discworld, Sandman, X men...
What's your life like right now?: live at home, readying for my GAMSAT exam. Work as a sales assistant.
Ramble on a little about yourself -- say anything at all:Ummm well my brother just made me lemsip which was incredibly nice of him LOL. Ok I have been a slash fan for years and years and years. LOL I adore my cats one of which is now sleeping stretched out by my legs. oooh love discworld the world the characters the strange idea of the first industry to be built in the city was a condom factory. LOL
anyway hould stop rambling have exams to mark. :)