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*Love* the SGA boys

Normally in any show I have a favourite character or two (sometimes more) that i obsess about no end. I'll rewatch episodes specific to those characters over and over again, read fanfic, dissect the character and their relationships with all the other characters. But it always, *always* stays limited to the character and not the actor who plays them. I *love* Mulder, but barely care about David Duchovny (to the extent that i just had to check how to spell that). I *love* Daniel (yes, still) but will admit that Micheal Shanks can't actually act all that well (braces against the wall of emotional hate that's gonna generate!). I *love* Julian Bashir (i have dolls action figures to prove it - lots of them!) but still haven't watched Reign of Fire and didn't even notice that he was in Kingdom of Heaven until it was pointed out to me.

So it's really strange to me that for SGA, as well as loving Rodney and Radek and Carson and John and Rodney/Radek, i totally worship all the actors and squee like mad whenever i see anything related to them in any way, shape or form.

David Hewlett - The guy is a self professed sci-fi geek! What more could we need? He likes Dr. Who, wants to be a timelord and instantly recognised a sonic screwdriver! Also he named his Dalek Cat (Another YAY for British Sci-fi) and said a personal thank you to everyone who sent it. Plus (and this totally rocks my world) he likes Firefly and Serenity!!! Rocks my world, in fact rocks the entire damn 'verse.

He's completely adorable in others ways too though - he mentions his girlfriend and dog at every opportunity - which i think shows dedication and just plain sweetness. If you needed any further proof of that, his favourite charity is Doctors Without Borders!!! I could love him forever, for that alone.

To top it all off, he's also an abso-fucking-lutely amazing actor. Seriously i've seen quite a few things with him in them (films, short movies, century hotel - what? that deserves of its own category) and am impressed with each and every single one of them. I won't start on his portrayal of Rodney (cos ya know, i have to sleep some time tonight) but will just say i love how much 'emoting' he can pack into a single look. Here is a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and thanks to DH we get to see it.

David Nykl - Another adorkable SGA star who 'loves all things science fact and fiction'. There is a picture of him doing the Vulcan 'live long and prosper' sign which for me is the equivalent of Hewlett's Firefly love (i.e. rocks my world)

According to everyone who's ever met him he's a:
  • totally down-to-earth, completely normal guy who's comfortable hanging out in a bar and drinking with his fans.
  • real gentleman, who takes the time to ask the crazy fangirls (and boys, i'm sure) their names and to talk to them.
  • really funny, with a wicked sense of humour.
  • a huge Zelenka fan! (well aren't we all? *g*)

    Also he made the still canon, who would not love that? I've seen less 'other stuff' with him in it but have Danger Bay, Masters of Horror and Pterodactyl all saved (prepare for much more squee-age!)

    Joe Flanigan - a real sweetie who thinks his family fill the "cloud-covered Northwest with so much sun" :D :D :D He also likes the idea of McKay/Beckett slash! Again i think he's a wonderful actor and i love everything else of his that i've seen. From young floppy haired (but really smart) Scott Hayman to really smart Scooby Doo fan Brendan Dean to multi-layered but closet genius Sheppard with his insane hair. :)

    (BTW: I've never met any of them so all this babble is based on interviews and con reports)

    The point was I normally fangirl fictional characters (who tend to be perfect in every way) and not actual people. So I don't quite understand what happened or when....either these guys really are that much better than any other set of actors ever have been or this fandom has totally taken over my brain or (and this seems like the most likely option) wikiberry did it...
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