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You know how sometimes little things happen to make you smile, well i had a whole load of them happening today so am very happy in a strange -'but i'm ill and PMTing so really shouldn't be smiling randomly for no reason'- way.

  • I had chocolate biscuits for lunch.
  • I have a new bag! It's a very very cool bag which makes me bounce around in a Tigger like fashion.
  • Because of fatuorum's wonderful Graphics for Donations offer, i get to have a Rodney/Radek header soon :D
  • It snowed! Not the icky, icy, sleet kinda thing we normally get here but actual fluffy settling on the ground snow; which i got to appreciate standing at a bus stop for 20 minutes whilst talking about Carson's childhood.
  • The snow seemed to be a perfect opportunity to wear my Jayne hat (YAY! Jayne hat!)
  • The city center had pretty, pretty Christmas lights...which looked that much better with a backdrop of snow.
  • I met up with a friend a haven't seen in ages which was really nice, plus a couple i see too often, but also nice. *g*
  • The friend had cute mythical figurines for us - i got Oma Desala (well, sorta :D) and a Pixie boy!
  • I got home to find a book i've been waiting for has arrived.
  • I'm taking tommorow off to go shopping!

    Anyway cos I'm feeling insanely merry and festive I wanna send everyone holiday cards. If you'd like to make me smile even more by letting me send you one, comment with your address and whether you prefer a non-religious card. The comments will be screened and read only by me.
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