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haven't updated it a while.  what can i say -it's been a slow news week :D  Not much happening, except it's our last week on this block so we've been chasing around our poor consultant trying to get him to sign the evaluation forms.  As of yet no success :(  I guess it'll have to be tommorow then.  Next block is in Kettering - which already sucks.  Can you believe we have to be there for a 9am lecture on monday but our rooms aren't opened until 2pm!!!  So we have to walk around with our stuff all morning - please don't ask me about the logic behind that.  I think they assume that everyone has cars (and don't even get me started on THAT......!)

Anyways as for today - had that viva finally. which was a lot better than the first one.  nicer people.  I did still stammer on a couple of points but i still think i did okay overall.  which is worrying me a little bit cos maybe they were just asking me really easy questions cos they didn't think i could handle anything tough.  That was definetly the impression i was getting.  Then again i may just be being paranoid.  Oh well, i guess we wait and see.  On a brighter note - i went to watch Day After Tommorow - cool movie, slightly dissappointing ending.  And i've rented The League of Extraordinary Gentleman - so am sorted for the evening :D


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