Maria (ria_kukalaka) wrote,

nice weekend, miserable morning

well the subject pretty much sums up everything i have to say. Enjoyed the weekend - sat went shopping - bought some nice summery tops - inc one in pink and one in yellow :D And then eat loads at pizza hut - being the very healthy medic that i am.

yesterday - had some people over and again we ate loads and watched Finding Nemo :D - well it was on in the background whilst we were talking (promise, it's not like we were glued to our seats like 4/5 yr olds - honestly!!) Also played family fortunes - which was quite fun, esp since my time won and mariams didn't :D

this morning - hmmm. well i had to get train to kettering which was at 8.02 so i got there on time (hey just realised this sounds like i'm gonna say i missed it - nope that that - sorry to kill the suspense) but my clinical partner J was late so he txted me and i replied saying oh well next train is in 11mins - see you there. And i got on the train. then he was being a really moody bastard - i sent me 4 really horrible message basically saying i was a "fucking little bitch" and was "trying to make him look bad" and that i didn't have any friends and was going to be a "loner" in kettering. One of them he just wrote fucking bitch repeatedly until ran out of space :( Now let me place this in context - during our last block of 8 weeks he turned up on a grande total of 5 days! and on about 3 of those days he was late so i didn't realise i had some messed up obligation to be extra nice to him and wait around a station :( Anyway i don't really know anyone here but have a passing familarity with some of the fourth yrs so not feeling completely friendless but quite close to that :(

Anyway the room is DIRE - i do mean DIRE. Horrible cream/brown paint which is chipping off and the walls are covered with dirt - don't even ask me how you manage that. And i don't want to even mention the state of the shower :( Worse than that cheap roman hostel :( and there i only had to stay 5 days :( Plus my room is on the top, 6th floor!!!! so i have to keep going up and down horrible stone steps and the only other person on the floor is him!!!

As far as i can see the only good thing about this place is the fact they loan us all a laptop which has a wireless internet connection!!! Which we can use in most of the hospital (where i am now) and some of the newer accomodation - but not where i'm living :( Still it's quite unusual of a hospital to provide us with laptops -i'm kinda shocked!

Anyway enough babble for now.
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