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Might not be around as much for a while

Later on today, I'm being relocated to some far away distant corner of the Pegasus galaxy/Pylea/the Delta quadrant/insert appropriate fandom related location here, for about 8 weeks. From previous experience, these places have no TV and very limited internet availability - i don't have a clue what people do for entertainment, although the term "socialise" keeps getting tossed at me *shudders*. At least I'll still have my laptop and a ton of DVDs :D

Anyway this obviously means I won't be around as much. Will hopefully be back home some weekends. And I'm sure the entire weekend will be spent frantically catching up. Thanking the sga_newsletter and the_cortex in advance. *giggles in anticipation*

In order to keep me linked to fandom in some way, I'm trying to find as many fics as I can to save - need something to keep me going. Anyone have any recs? Any fandom is fine, the longer and plottier, the better - i need to use up 8 weeks remember! If you can't think of any recs, feel free to spam me anyway. I need the company today. I'm miserable at the thought of no internet, don't know how I'm gonna cope with it actually not being here!

wikiberry - don't forget about the care packages you so kindly volunteered to do, okay? azicrow feel free to poke her with a big stick if she does. Also, don't have too much fun without me. *cries*

severusslave, hermioneorourke and amadraco feel free to keep sending me any stuff you want beta'd. I think that'll be one of the few things keeping me sane. But I might take a little bit longer to get back to you. So if you need anything quickly, might be better to ask someone else. :(

Also i have a feeling I'll be spamming you all like mad today. I'll apologise now. But I don't think I'm moving too far away from the 'net today come hell or high water Reavers or the Borg armada.

Dammit, it's past midday. I really need to go pack now. *goes off to find more fics*

ETA: Great, new series of ER is starting this week! Poor Ray. I already knew I was missing the behind the scenes SGA thing. There's also Charmed. And I think Smallville usually starts at this time. *cries again* Okay fine, I'm seriously going to go pack now.
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